Near Death Experience

We are having a great time with Evangelist Richard Brooks. Saturday night we had a special service on the topic of Near Death Experiences. Corey Britt had put together a short film depicting the elements reported by the more than 8 million people who have experienced a near death experience (according to Gallup). The short film with the accompanying music was the perfect introduction for the preaching.


An intense moment in the sermon was Pastor Brooks breaking down the word for Hell or Hades. In the Greek the word is made up of two root words. One is “a” for “alpha” meaning first and the other is “eides” meaning “to see or understand”. The picture described is finding yourself in hell and for the first time being able to see the spiritual world that you are now trapped in for eternity.


The next morning in Sunday school we talked about Jesus’ use of the word “Woe” in describing the cities that had rejected his teachings. It is not a word of wrath or judgment rather it is a word of pity and compassion. The person who rejects Jesus, God’s gift of salvation to this world, will experience a terrible moment when for the first time their eyes are opened but it is too late. Believers should, despite those same people mocking us, should have a healthy compassion for them. “Woe”!


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