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Emmie’s Wedding

We just had the wedding of Phillip Shay and Emmie Wolters. It was an important event for the Sparta church, as Emmie was raised in the church. It was a special wedding in more than one way. Phillip and Emmie … Continue reading

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Death of the Spirit

Here is an article that describes the European experience with socialism and its effect upon the human spirit. He speaks of three things that sound good on paper: free health care, free university education, and government retirement programs. Here is … Continue reading

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Name that Feeling

Here is an article by Victor David Hanson that gets close to identifying the spiritual malaise of the country. The reason behind the reasons for what he feels is that we are a nation that has rejected God: Isa 5:20-24 … Continue reading

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Fossil Can’t Lie, Only Men

Here is a story from Yahoo’s AP feed: rare fossil octopuses   What one sees is all dependent upon your belief system. I see an octopus fossil that “is almost indistinguishable from living species”, thus confirming my belief that God … Continue reading

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Big Brother Cares about You

One of my enjoyments of life is visiting farmer’s markets. We did most of our vegetable shopping in Zambia at a big farmer’s market in Lusaka. I would always buy from the gardener’s in the compounds selling their tomatoes, cucumbers … Continue reading

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Real Men

I read the "Measure of a Man" by Gene Getz. He actually used this bible study in starting a church in Dallas. Originally published in 1974, I was reading an eighth edition that came out in 1978. It would be … Continue reading

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Some Simple Truth

Using these verses from Proverbs found at Bible Gateway: Proverbs 2:10-15, 3:21-26, 9:10-12, 16:22, 19:23; I want to talk about our health. These verses give us four words to bring into our lives. They are: Wisdom: doing the right thing … Continue reading

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A New International Currency?

Reading this article and thinking about the prophetic future; one cannot help but think that President Obama has arrived at this critical juncture to usher in the next big step towards one world government, preceded by a new international currency.

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I was looking at the word “ponder” in the book of proverbs. It has the idea of weighing out an idea, making a rough road smooth and finally to resolve or to make a decision. This led me to pick … Continue reading

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Facebook Surrenders

There are actions by Google in terms of freedom and Christian values that have me using Microsoft’s search engine based upon my respect for Bill Gates in business and especially in his efforts to bring opportunity to Africans since his … Continue reading

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