A Hero

We watched "Fireproof" last night in church. It is the best marriage movie I have ever seen. We had six visitors which made the night much more special. This Valentine weekend included a double date with Corey and Ebony. We went to a Japanese restaurant and a drive into Saint Louis looking for a place to have some ice cream. Saturday’s date was followed by the showing of “Fireproof” Sunday night. Following the film I talked of the joy of marriage and having the love of God in your marriage. This came easy as I looked at my beautiful wife in her pretty Valentine’s Day red dress and her red, puffy crying eyes affected by the movie we just all watched.


Going into this Valentine weekend I began reading "The King’s Cavalier", by  Samuel Shellabarger. I finished it Sunday afternoon before the movie. Here is a historian who gave space to the romantic aspirations of his youth allowing him to write excellent fiction. Here is the quote from his biography: At the age of twelve Shellabarger attended a Sardou play, staring Sir Henry Irving. Struck by the romantic play, the lad decided then and there to become a writer. Then, in 1903, when Samuel was 15, he "first toured Europe; and the impressions of London, Paris, and Rome at the turn of the century became indelible in my mind and have left a nostalgia for the past which has colored my historical writing."


Every man should desire to be the hero in his marriage. I know I do. A hero is called to action. The curse on a man is to be lazy and just do enough to get by. This minimum effort way of living will never allow a man to be a hero in his wife’s eyes. God says that tough times build up our character. A hero doesn’t give up and he doesn’t quit. A hero finds a way to make things work no matter what the limitations of life are. A hero requires the love of a woman.


Where are the heroes?


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