Fireproof the Movie

“You never leave your partner, especially in a fire” is communicated to us early in the film "Fireproof". This is a film for everyone who cares about marriage, especially your own. It gives us two characters, Catherine and Caleb. We meet them at a bad time in their marriage. The film gives us a glimpse into our own marriages during times of miss-communication or no communication. Caleb says: “I get respect everywhere I go except for in my own house”. Catherine says: “If you would just communicate with me”. We recognize that Caleb has a porno problem and they don’t have a sex life. This is all done without offense to good morals. Catherine’s conclusion with her friends is that: “He doesn’t have a clue and he doesn’t care how I feel”.


We follow Catherine to work where we meet a doctor who likes her. We follow Caleb to work where we meet his buddy who is a Christian; “He’s the real deal”. Caleb shuts him down with: “If there is a God out there He is not interested in my problems”. Michael, the Christian, has a great marriage, they talk, Caleb wants to give up, Michael says: “Do you know what the ring on your finger means?” We get all of this while watching a great fire crew in action.


Caleb’s father shares a 40 day plan with him; a plan that includes great tips on winning your spouse back. Caleb’s father used it and it saved his marriage and led him to Christ. Caleb tells his father he will try the plan. A gift, $45 for flowers, give me the $25. Its not working, his father says: “you are doing just enough to get by”. A normal male way of handling anything they don’t really want to do. This leads to the moment when Caleb is told: “You can’t love her because you can’t give her what you don’t have.”


Now Caleb keeps working the 40 day plan with his heart in it. Michael greets him with: “You in? Great now you’re my brother from another mother but with the same father. Caleb patiently works the plan with his wife not buying into it. “OK Lord, no more addictions”. While Caleb tries his best, the doctor is winning her heart. The soundtrack includes a great song during this portion of the movie using the phrases: “I am waiting” and “I am hopeful” and “I am peaceful”. Caleb the hero is willing to go to the mat for his wife, but is it too late.


The climax is day 43 of the plan.


What a great film. This is a must see film. A couple can’t help but warm up to each other while watching this film.


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