I was preparing a sermon last night on “Distractions”. For Jesus the perfect distraction was the politics of His day. In Matt. 22:15 we see an attempt to see Jesus drawn into the politics of His day. My distraction statements: Distractions only matter if your life means something. Distractions only matter if you are trying to accomplish something. Distractions can be a way of life. A distraction entertained at the right moment can destroy a life.


It is late at night while I am working on this. We had just got back from a marriage retreat in Carbondale with Pastor Kevin Foley. There was a knock on the door. I opened it to a woman in a bathrobe who greeted me with a very friendly “Hi neighbor”. She asked if she could come in. I realized she was from the special home down the street. I asked her what she needed. Could she use the phone? Why? To call the police. Why? I told her no, and that she needed to return to the home. She asked for a coke. I asked her to sit down and I would get her a coke. Could I have two? I got her two cokes with the intention of walking her home. Once outside we went back and forth about taking her home. Finally she headed off. I walked over to the home to let them know where she was. They thought I was the police. I let them know that she was OK and walking in this direction. I mentioned I gave her two cokes. They were very upset about that, she is not supposed to ask for things. I could see the lights of the police cars a little later. They took her home.


The point was that while I was walking over to this home I wondered if I was being distracted. Could this moment of trying to help this woman explode in my life? Would I be required to answer questions from the police tonight? Was I being distracted? No, we should always have time to show a little kindness. I think Jesus specialized in this.


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