Finishing Unfinished Tasks

I did something in the church that I like to do each year, we had a goal setting service. I provide everyone with worksheets to help us determine where we are at and where we want to be. As the day approached I received an email from Chile in Zambia letting me know that he just completed his goal setting worksheet there. I believe having and attaining goals is important. My preaching quote is: “One of the healthiest things a person can do is start something and finish it.”


Almost everyone in church had never done anything like this before. We looked at the different areas of our life and at the end we attached scriptures to show that God is concerned with our welfare in each of those areas. It seemed like a productive evening.


Although I haven’t filled out the worksheets yet, it got me thinking about an incomplete project that has been hanging over my head. We made the film "James Tembo, Detective" in Zambia, it was one of the last projects I completed before leaving. Actually, I left with it uncompleted, the guys involved finished the project and sent me a copy of the film 6 months after I left Zambia. Once I had the film I asked pastors I was preaching for to show the film before I preached. Part of my commitment to the folks in Zambia was to try and market it. That is why the web page is up. As in any business venture the issue is how to reach people and get them to visit the web page.


I had tried using this blog, contacting other live spaces folks and asking them to give me a link. This produced a lot of links and few purchases and a great review by Gregory Beamer. My mission in going to Zambia was to start a church, make disciples, send those disciples out to start other churches and then leave that church in their hands. That mission was completed and the work that God started goes on. The unfinished parts are the many life stories that tug on one’s heart after living in any third world country. I certainly do not want to sound off on all of the ways in which our lives are still being affected by our time in Zambia, but I did think that the film would be an excellent vehicle to inject some cash into the lives that we were a part of.


So back to my incomplete effort of marketing the film and injecting some cash into Zambia. Corey Britt put the film on GodTube so that it can be viewed online. I had to pay the price to keep the web page going. I got a request for school fees. And miracle of miracles someone purchased the film that just happened upon the web page. This took place the day after we did the goal setting in church. I decided that I need to renew that effort. We will see what we can manage.


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