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Richard Brooks Coming to Sparta

I met Richard Brooks on a Russian train traveling from Vologda to Moscow in 1998. We had both finished preaching revivals in Vologda and Sokal. It was a 9 hour train ride sharing our compartment with a couple of Russian … Continue reading

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Pollution Dangers

Jer 3:2 And you have polluted the land With your harlotries and your wickedness. NKJV   The tragedy of moral pollution is that the wickedness of it gets on everyone. There are two powers on earth that work like leaven … Continue reading

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A Hero

We watched "Fireproof" last night in church. It is the best marriage movie I have ever seen. We had six visitors which made the night much more special. This Valentine weekend included a double date with Corey and Ebony. We … Continue reading

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Fireproof the Movie

“You never leave your partner, especially in a fire” is communicated to us early in the film "Fireproof". This is a film for everyone who cares about marriage, especially your own. It gives us two characters, Catherine and Caleb. We … Continue reading

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New Day

I just noticed Newsweek’s new cover with the title: "We are all Socialists Now". Many people with spiritual eyes knew this election was going to change America. For some people, their spiritual vision sees this as a good thing. Others, … Continue reading

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I was preparing a sermon last night on “Distractions”. For Jesus the perfect distraction was the politics of His day. In Matt. 22:15 we see an attempt to see Jesus drawn into the politics of His day. My distraction statements: … Continue reading

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Finishing Unfinished Tasks

I did something in the church that I like to do each year, we had a goal setting service. I provide everyone with worksheets to help us determine where we are at and where we want to be. As the … Continue reading

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