A Fresh Start

Most Christian bloggers are doing the right thing in encouraging folks to pray for our new president-elect, Barak Obama, which I have forwarned the church that we would be also praying for whoever won the election. For me it is a page that has turned and a time to recommit myself to the work of an evangelist here in Sparta. I enjoyed this quote from Joel Rosenburg’s blog.


I know many of you are very worried about the direction of our country. I certainly understand this sentiment, but as I wrote yesterday, let us not lose heart. The Lord knew who would win. He allowed it to happen. He has a plan. He has a purpose. And now He is calling us to serve Him faithfully — to do whatever He tells us to do, to go wherever He tells us to go, to say whatever He tells us to say. Now is the time to draw close to Christ, to advance His kingdom, and prepare for His return. He is, after all, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Now is certainly no time to forget, or to be discouraged.

I started the day by passing out flyers in Steelville and am now preparing for tonight’s sermon on battling sickness through faith in Christ. This Saturday will be our Chili cook-off and a one night prophecy presentation. I am getting excited about living the life God has called me to.


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