Living under Occupation

I have been reading and preaching from Jeremiah. I have already concluded that the movement towards one world government, economy and religion is an unstoppable direction. 9/11 accelerated that movement, especially in the interlinking of the world’s intelligence services. Now the banking crisis has done the same thing in terms of the financial interlinking of the world.


The thought of an Obama, Reed, Pelosi lock on the American government bothers me. The movement towards one world happens no matter who is in charge. The Democrats in charge allow for an increase in the level of deterioration of Christian values in this nation. Stronger government involvement in abortion, more social engineering always with the understanding that one of the problems in forwarding their social agenda is those of us who “cling” to the old fashion values of the bible.


So I have come to the same conclusion that God spoke to Jeremiah as to what the children of Israel should do following the conquering of Israel by Babylonia. What God spoke to Jeremiah was to stay in the land. Live, work, build and plant even though you will be under enemy authority God will take care of you. So today, should the Democrats be allowed to control all of the branches of government to pursue their most wildest ambitions I am sure that God will protect his people and even open the door for a revival in America that can once again turn us as a nation towards God.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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