Obama, Me before Salvation

I couldn’t force myself to continue watching the debate tonight. As I was talking with Joan I was able to verbalize what bothered me about it. It was that both candidates were saying nothing but platitudes, but worse it seems that they were trying to communicate to a bunch of 3rd graders. Maybe that is an indication of the level of education we have been giving ourselves in America.


Watching Obama wish his way into the White House is scary. For most people he just seems like a nice man trying to help them. But, there is another side to Obama and his supporters that know exactly what they are doing. Obama really is just like me, if I had never become a Christian. I worked some with Citizen’s Action League in California on the fundraising end, I don’t know if ACORN was around then but I am sure they would be kissing cousins. The white guys running the operation were all folks I could relate to. Communists wanna be’s and socialists. I had abandoned my own radical roots by this point in my life. Before I had abandoned them I had bought into the concept of America the evil, and its need to be radically changed. I had been involved in college with the movement against Apartheid in South Africa. I remember one political black friend who was having to make a tough decision. He was being recruited to join with an organization to help the poor but he knew that it was actually making a decision to support the communist transformation of the nation. This was an incredible crisis for him to go through. I think by the time I was working for CAL my attitude could be summed up by the song from the “Who”, with the phrase in it “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.


Anyways, the point was that I decided to take a trip to Southern California to attend a Citizen Action meeting. I was told I couldn’t go and then I could, I’m not sure what they were thinking. I went from the all white fundraiser arm to the all black actual members of Citizen Action League who were demanding help in one form or another. Once they got the phony meeting over it turned out to just be a good time to party and hang out. They all knew it was just a phony cover for someone in the name of trying to help them achieve some larger, unexplainable goals. This describes Obama, his friend Ayers and countless other people who genuinely have been working for years to get where they are now. Obama gets elected and this country turns a corner that it might never recover from.


I am really talking about the preaching of the gospel. America is still free to preach here and abroad. We turn a corner to become officially post Christian and I am afraid the doors will begin to close, as well as we will lose the blessing of God.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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