Strict Rules Equals Greater Committment

Just an added note to my Amish post of yesterday. That link had some references to check out at the end of the article. I looked at the one that talked about “defections”, Amish leaving the Amish community. It turns out that the defection rate has slowed down to 5% at the one location studied. Interesting, the more strict the congregation, the fewer defections.



There appears to be a direct relationship, or at least an indirect one,
between defection and Ordnung. The Shipshewana and Clinton
congregations–clearly the most progressive–clearly have a greater
percentage of defectors than do other congregational clusters in the
settlement. In contrast the LaGrange churches have made the fewest
concessions to modernity in agriculture and in laxity of discipline, and
they have the settlement’s lowest percentage of defectors.


“Ordnung”  are the community rules that govern the congregation.

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