Election Notes

Here is an insightful article about the impact the left’s attack upon Palin’s values because of her daughter’s pregnancy will have on the voting public. Here is an excerpt:



The Obama campaign may realize that their supporters are about to give John McCain the upper-hand but with the explosion of the internet they will be unable to stem the tide of a netroots community far too eager to expose the hypocrisy of one more wayward social conservative.

The Left on the internet and elsewhere will attack this mother of five for failing to live up to the code that she preaches. They will explain that this is proof that traditionalism doesn’t work. That the religious right is a fraud.  That the preaching of abstinence is a fool’s errand. They will explain all this thinking they have just laid down the trump card when all they have done is hand it to the opposition.



This aritcle by Clark Judge on Hugh Hewitt’s blog is a great piece that gives a sense of the two campaigns being run.


It is going to be a very interesting election and its getting more interesting all of the time.


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