Democratic Convention

I listened to the speeches tonight from the Democratic convention. Seemed like politics as usual. Vote for Obama and he will fix all of our problems. He is a good orator. When his speech was over I came and played a little bible roulette. Opened up to Acts and read about Apollos in Acts 18. The bible describes him as an “eloquent” man able to “vigorously refute…”.


I should read Obama’s book, maybe he talks about it in his book. I wonder if his Christian experience included a calling to preach the gospel.


One speaker had the crowd shouting the gospel phrase: “Mountain Move”. I am always amazed at how much bible is included at these events without acknowledging the author. President Clinton’s speeches were always liberally laced with scripture references.


Obama might be running from God but he is running with a company of God haters. His strident defense of abortion sets him apart from the flow of a bible believing Christian. Tough to vote for someone who is pro-abortion when you know the bible. What would Jesus do? Vote for the man who enables the abortionist? I don’t think so.

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1 Response to Democratic Convention

  1. Vivian says:

    I think this election is going to be difficult for Christians in America.  It comes down to the "lesser of the two evils".  I hate it.  My heart aches for our nation right now, more so than it has in the past.  I wish the other political parties had more news coverage and what those canidates stand for.

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