Life Note

I preached “The Love of God: Can I Believe it?”; last night. Touched on personality disorders, the providence of God, the love of God specifically, and putting on the mind of Christ to do His will. It preached well. I haven’t adjusted to the change from preaching familiar sermons over and over to writing one out and then preaching it. I fell back into a habit from my younger days as a pastor, Amen and can you say amen to give me time to organize my words as I am preaching. A terrible habit for a preacher. Well God still blessed us with a salvation response and two prophecies from the church at the close of the service. It was a great night.


I made some calls confirming the cancellations of my scheduled revivals. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the calls and the conversations that went with it. I am kicking around an idea in my head to start a pastor’s email list just to have some pastoral contact. I think every pastor could write the book called “The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner”. Overseas, I understood it, here I am not sure I want to understand it.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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3 Responses to Life Note

  1. Douglas says:

    a-men to that from Karin Begg

  2. Douglas says:

    Karin counted 19 a-mens in one sermon

  3. Nina's says:

    Saying Amen is like a question. Are you listening out there or have you gone to sleep?

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