Mystery Solved

Life is beginning to regain some of the normal rhythms. The house is together enough for us to have the church over for dinner tomorrow night. Audra has been a wonderful companion during this transition. She heads back to Las Vegas next Tuesday, via Wickenburg where she will pick up our other car. She is making a cake now after making a sorbet for Joan’s birthday. The church was very gracious to Joan on her birthday.


One of the mysteries of Sparta revealed itself to us this last week. We were all amused by a convenient store that advertised cheap cigarettes by the name of “Hookers”. Joan and I were walking home after morning prayer when we ran into a man who started talking with us. He introduced himself as the owner of Hooker’s Men’s Store. What kind of “Men’s” store is “Hooker’s”? See photos below for answer.Aug 10 08 012Aug 10 08 013Aug 10 08 014

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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  1. Vivian says:

    LOL …  Oh, my. LOL

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