The Future

I have been reading "The Politics of Chaos in the Middle East" by Olivier Roy. I was struck by his section on “Civil Society”. This is something I saw referred to in Zambia as the moving force towards proper governance. Here are a few quotes concerning the philosophy of “The Greater Middle East”.


“The NGOs (Non Government Organizations) support it under pressure from the donors, or share an anti-globalization vision which does however have a certain number of concepts in common with the major development agencies (distrust of existing governments, encouragement of civil society, the development of micro projects, the central importance of women’s and gender issues, advocacy of the humanitarian approach),….”


“This doctrine has therefore reclaimed the concept of civil society as a society outside the state and even against it. It has three pillars: civil society, privatization and good governance, and belongs to a universalist, Wilsonian and anti-culturalist, and therefore anti-Huntingtonian, view.”


“The doctrine’s aim is to identify factors likely to trigger a democratization process from within (but based on “universal”, and therefore American, ethical and political values). Most aid and development programmes include a “women’s development” component, promoting individual betterment (women entrepreneurs, women politicians). A number of programmes stipulate that there must be a quota of women or initiatives benefiting women: for example, the development programmes implemented in Afghanistan demand equal representation of men and women on the village committees that decide on how aid will be distributed …”


“Civil Society” is very often an artificial construct which has little impact, other than a harmful one, on society itself. Civil society is first and foremost a market: the sums of money brought into play destabilize the balance of microcosms (particularly that of the university), because its actors are placed directly on the market, with no state intervention. This leads to an internal brain-drain. The most brilliant academics and even entrepreneurs become involved in the programme.”


“Civil society tends to become a sort of artificial reservoir for an endangered species: the democratic intellectual, protected by the international institutions (Amnesty, Reporters Without Borders, State Department, etc.). Furthermore, many of them go on to leave the country and join these same international organizations.”


As I was reading this section I felt the fingerprints of our future all over it. The move towards one world government seems linked to the empowerment of women and the undermining of national governments. Will it be a liberal universalism that unites the world? Will the Islamists refuse to play the game and succeed in uniting us all under the banner of Islam?


The church is removed from earth and the white horse is released and he goes a conquering. It will be a militant leader that uses force to unite the world during the tribulation.


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