Tent Raising

Today was tent raising day for our conference here in Prescott. This effort is spearheaded by about 30 Navajo’s pastored by Artie Aragon from Chinle. They had just finished tearing a tent down for their own crusade the night before at 1:00 when they gathered at the church at 4 in the morning to drive here to Prescott to put up our main tent that sits over a 1000 people and two smaller tents. I can see why Navajos are considered to make great Marines, these young men worked and worked and kept at it until the job was finished at 4:30 this afternoon. Afterwards we all had a meal at a local buffet.


This was my fourth time being involved in this process and this one was easily most smoothly I have seen things come together. More was accomplished today than any other time. Tomorrow usually about 300 men from different churches in the area will come to help us put together all of the innards of the tents. The day’s finest moment was after laying out all of the parts of the large tent and tying all of the outside stakes we began to lift the large polls in the middle. This has always been a tricky moment, where anything can happen. Today, we got one pole up and some of us were straining with the other pole feeling the added tension from the one being up when the wind swept underneath the tent lifting all of the poles and the entire tent became a parachute still moored to the ground by all of the stakes. These poles that were laying flat were now carried up to be perpendicular with the ground and then landed right where they needed to be as everyone in shock rushed to chain them to the ground. It was a great ending to a great day.


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One Response to Tent Raising

  1. Greg says:

    Nothing like a good ole tent meeting.  I can remember years ago when I was a child attending these with my mother.  These days seem long gone by, however, as you noted in relationship to the Navajo people…yes they are very hard working tribe and always stay constant until the job is done. 
    I hope all goes well with your conference and you will be blessed beyong measure.
    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend my friend!

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