One of the shocks of my Portland visit was the closing of Pilgrim Discount Bookstore. I had done business with Roger for years while working at Biblesoft. He consistently had the lowest prices in the country for PC Study Bible, Biblesoft’s product. I always looked forward to a visit to his store. Between the used section and the ministry help section it was always a unique bookstore experience. I had a talk with him while in town, it was sad but he just wasn’t willing to do some of the things needed to be done in modern retailing. I was a little shocked at some of the bitter comments on his blog. Roger was great to work with and like most independent business men opinionated and hard working.


My other Portland bookstore experience is a visit to Powell’s Bookstore. It was about 5 years ago that I visited Powell’s and came across the largest collection of Intelligent Design books I have ever seen. The books I bought at that time are all in Zambia so I was hoping to find a couple of replacements. The Christian section seems more concerned about homosexual churches than anything else, so I normally don’t spend a lot of time there. This visit the science/evolution section was now heavily weighted with the counter attack against the Intelligent Design surge. The good books countering evolution were no longer there although there were still a few. The shelves were stacked with book after book to help teachers and administrators deal with the questions raised by the arguments presented by the Intelligent Design authors. Apparently inroads have been made.


I had great revivals in Portland and Salem. One highlight was a couple that started the revival unmarried and during the week got a marriage license and got married the Sunday after I left. We had a great visit to Silver Falls Park with Gerry and Patti. We then drove back to Reno with a stop in Medford to visit Harry and David’s. We had visited the place in 1988 on our way to Seattle. A nice meal in a restaurant with grand piano and excellent low prices on the extras. The company has been bought and sold several times since then but is still worth the visit and tour.


In Reno we attended the wedding of Justin and Patricia. Justin was the recent graduate from Annapolis. After their honeymoon they will be going to Boston where Justin will continue graduate school at Harvard. Our daughter, Brooke, gave a nice speech about the couple complimenting them on their clean dating experience. We then drove through the night to get back to Prescott Sunday morning where another wedding took place. We all witnessed the couples first kiss together. June 19 08 031June 19 08 033June 19 08 035


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