Chris and Heidi

Joan was able to spend a few days with Chris and Heidi Connors, her brother, just outside of Eugene. I spent a day and a half in between revivals. We showed up had a wonderful steak barbeque, played baseball, roasted marsh mellows, watched Tembo , went out to breakfast and went on a hike with the kids.


I have a special bond with Chris. He is my age and whereas my children have all left home he is needing the energy to raise all 4 of his, including the 8 year old twins. He, just like myself in Seattle, has enjoyed the work of turning an older house into a very cool house.


This bond was strengthened when we watched “James Tembo, Detective” together with all of his family. Most people will enjoy the film, Christians should enjoy it even more but it takes a special kind of person to really not only enjoy the film but appreciate it with its many hidden facets. Much like Greg Beamer in his review where he said:


Regardless of the acting, sound, lighting and script, I still found myself intrigued. A bit of my history might reveal why this statement is "profound". I have a degree in film and video and generally pay attention to all aspects of a film. If a film breaks the curtain, I am generally all over it. My wife has asked me to stop predicting the end of films, as most films use the standard three act model perfected by Syd Field. This film should have been a fertile ground for criticism, but I found myself going deeper instead.

Perhaps it is the rawness that had me looking for shining moments rather than tearing the film apart. It may also be a change in perspective due to my own adversity (Miranda’s battle with cancer). I am not sure. Either way, the values that would usually have me heavily criticizing had me compelled.

I knew Chris would be one of those kind of people.June 19 08 002June 19 08 006June 19 08 008June 19 08 016June 19 08 020


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