From the Start

I am taking a short break towards the end of our road trip to make a few posts, hopefully. We left Monday, June 2nd. I was able to bring Joan with me on this trip, it will be the last one for awhile. Our first destination was my Mom’s in Yerrington. Late start, pleasant drive with a turkey dinner waiting for us upon arrival. I was here to work. My first job was repairing the roof. Needed some new shingles and some sealant. We weeded her garden. She has hired a man to come in and scatter some rock over where the lawn was and repair the sprinkler system. She has been watering by hand so I showed her how to manually turn the valves on by overriding the clock. Repaired some borders and cleaned up the mess from the removal of some dead trees. Painted her fence, and dug and prepared a gardening area for her to work with in the old lawn area. Joan and I worked hard enough to be tired each night, but not so tired to not enjoy her wonderful meals.


Her priest came over for dinner one night. I asked him the question: how does someone get to heaven. He answered by pointing to my Mom as a great example and then referred to his morning scripture reading with Jesus saying we must love God with everything we have and our neighbor as ourselves. I didn’t mention the impossibility of this and he continued by differentiating Catholicism with Protestantism by mentioning how one just needed to have faith but the other, his, insisted upon faith and works. We talked about some of his Mexican experiences and we talked about the Tembo Film and I gave him a copy to watch.


While home I took a look at my Dad’s medals and generally just enjoyed being there. June 10 08 001June 10 08 003June 10 08 006


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One Response to From the Start

  1. Greg says:

    Kevin,Nice to hear you and your family our being able to enjoy your visit with family and friends.  So nice to see a post from you again!  Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!Greg

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