Sunday Thoughts

I was reading a debate between William Craig of reasonalble faith and Bart Ehrman about whether or not there is historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. The obvious answer is yes because of the written gospels are certainly historical documents that mention the resurrection.


Dr. Ehrman made a point that the gospels were written in Greek 40 to 60 years after the death of Christ. His point was that the followers of Jesus couldn’t have written them since they spoke Aramaic. I was thinking about this on my way to church today. Luke was a doctor so he probably was educated in Greek. Levi or Mathew was a tax collector which would infer some level of education, that education would have to include Greek. Mark is said to have written his gospel from his conversations with Peter, who as the hardened fisherman, seems to fit the uneducated man who could not use Greek. John the revelator seems to have had a disposition towards books and the like. His gospel was the last written so easy to think that he learned Greek between the death of Christ and the writing of his gospel, especially considering that once the believers were dispersed from Israel they entered into a Greek speaking world. Just some casual thoughts.


I have had some conversations about different ways of starting a church. Issues of discipleship and ability to have relationships intersect on the man in the field. Pastor Mitchell quote this morning: “ministry does not start with an announcement”, “all of the Christian life is ministry”, “running events substitute for discipleship” a good sermon lining up with my ministry sermon, “pick up your cross” and the issues of discipleship I have been thinking about. Good to be going in the same direction with leadership.


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2 Responses to Sunday Thoughts

  1. Greg says:

    Kevin,This could not be more true!  Truce effective leadership and discipleship starts with the example\’s that are set in ones life and doesn\’t wait until a person may or may not reach the pulpit.  More leadership can be delivered by merely a quality reflection of one\’s own life not necessarily leadership!  This was a very interesting post and one that more people need to read and get a hold of!  Have a wonderful and blessed week!

  2. Vivian says:

    Anyone who wants to discredit the writters of the gospels will find many ways to argue.  You have mentioned some very valuable insights.  I will say though even with Peter seeming to fit the uneducated man, compared to us, he was probably more educated.  I have learned over the past few weeks that in the Jewish customs, the children (especially the boys in Jesus day) by age 6 to 8 have the Torah memorized as part of their education by age 12 the rest of what we call the Old Testament.  By age 15, the boys are either chosen to learn from a Rabbi or their formal education ended and they continued in their family trade.  By Peter being a fisherman, he was also a merchant.  More than likely he knew Greek.  He probably knew enough to barter the price of his fish.  I could be wrong but it is a thought. 🙂 
    Have a blessed day!!

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