Boston Chowder

I am having a good revival here with Tom Connors in the Boston area, Belerica to be exact. We have had visitors each night, including a young lady rapper last night. He gave me a tour of Boston Sunday afternoon and I was able to have a bowl of Boston Clam Chowder. The Red Sox are doing well while I am here including a no-hitter the other day. The Celtics managed to hold on against the Cavaliers. All is well with Boston sports, Boston folks take this serious. Edward Kennedy is in the hospital with a brain tumor. What can God do? Tom has started this church after pastoring twice before and then running the family business for 10 years. Now at age 45 he is willing to risk all for the Kingdom in another adventure of life.


At home in Prescott we have been having discussions about our role as evangelists. Out of those discussions I have a stronger desire to encourage our pastors and help them get the breakthroughs that we are all praying for. Watching the course of the country tells us that we need God to move in our midst.


I have been reading three books this week. They are Into the Jaws of Death, Team of Rivals, and Wild at Heart. The combination of books makes me want to some combination of president, soldier and adventurer. A young man came into the church service one night who seemed to be crying for finding the adventure of Christian living. I remember years ago at a Pastor Mitchell discipleship, a young man raising his hand saying that his life was becoming boring. He was 23, and while his friends were traveling the world, he was married with kids already worried about retirement and health insurance. The answer then and the answer now is make our Christian experience an adventure, because we already know it is a war.


Joan should show up tonight for the last service and then we are off to Annapolis for Justin’s graduation at the Naval Academy.


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One Response to Boston Chowder

  1. Greg says:

    You have pointed out a fact that is just all to true!  Our country is in need of divine intervention before we loose sight of what our country was founded upon and that was the Bible.  I am so concerned with the political arena and the candidates that present themselves to us.  I just do not see a real good pool of candidates that are willing to take our country back again to where we need to be!  However, if McCain was to select Huckabee as his Vice President nominee…I think I will have to swing his way on the vote.  I just do not see anyone in the democratic party who is going to be willing to stand up for our Christian heritage especially knowing that one of them refuses to sign into office if elected using the Bible.  That by itself tells me just about everything I need to know!  Be blessed my friend and most certainly be careful while traveling.

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