Pastor Mitchell Breakfast

We had a great breakfast with Pastor Mitchell this morning in which he got to talking about how we came to be where we are as a fellowship. He talked about his investigation of coffee house ministries in California and bringing it back to Prescott. The ministry is still going today when most others have stopped. He verbalized the whole idea of the mystery of God’s moving and saving, mentioning the salvation of Tom Payne, Jeff Day and Lois Palino despite a not quite right man working with him at that time. He talked about how we developed the idea of each church being independent and responsible for their own planting of churches, something very unusual in today’s church world. He mentioned one fellowship that had over a million dollars available for church planting. So the local church can request the funds to train and send someone out. This was all started by a question about any other fellowships that operate like we do. Pastor Mitchell has refused to become an administrator, aware of the dangers this would pose. He still is a pastor, Sunday School teacher with a finger on the pulse of his congregation. What I found enjoyable in listening to him is his easygoing knowledge that our fellowship was not some blueprinted plan hatched out of his mind. It was just something that developed as they attempted to obey God.


I imagine that any man that was responsible for the building of a fellowship that spans the planet with over 1500 churches would talk about…..I think you understand what I am getting at. A leader yes, but not filled with himself.


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