Monze Preaching

We left Lusaka and drove to Mazabuka on Monday the 17th. Joan was getting pictures of school children along the way. She is taking classes and one of her classes is in multi-cultural education and she has to assemble a report of Zambian education to make up for her absences on this trip. The drive was like a drive home. A common phrase while we were in Zambia was: “it feels more like coming home here than it did when we returned to America”. Road has a few more pot holes. Had to stop for cows. Got into town and stopped at our old house. As we were peeking through the gate the workers came up to the gate. They all recognized us and invited us in saying the new tenants knew us, but we declined and went on to our guest house and checked in.


We went to the church to drop off the equipment we brought. The church looked beautiful. Just before leaving we had planted lots of cuttings from our house. Those cuttings have prospered and gave the church a rich, living appearance. Pastor Tembo and his wife greeted us along with all of the kids going to school. We had started a 10th grade our last year for several reasons, all good. Those 10th graders were now 12th graders and the school used our two Sunday School rooms and part of the church. They need to build a building. So we spent some time recalling all of the names of the students we taught back when they were 10th graders.


We had to hurry back and get ready for church in Monze tonight. We got ready, picked up the Tembo’s, drove to the Magoye turnoff and picked up Pastor Happy Muntali and went on to Pastor Oliver Hanzela’s house in Monze. Sheila, his wife, served us one of our favorite dishes that she makes: sweet potatoes with peanut sauce. Ate the food, drank the water and talked and then headed to the church. Pastor Oliver had set it up so we could have a kind of grand arrival. This included the unique sounds the women make in greetings of this kind. It was a wonderful experience. The church building (thanks to Wickenburg) was looking good, they were still using their keyboard and they had built a small house for the caretaker Christopher and his wife. Christopher was one of our first converts in Mazabuka, but being a worker he would always be coming and going between jobs.


Pastor Oliver was in no hurry to start, so I was asked to teach them a song. So I led them in some songs and was able to even remember “Alive, Alive” in Tonga. We finally got going with a great song service, special choir music and Pastor Oliver’s over exuberant introduction. Just as I started to preach the power went out. Just like old times. Preached a prophetic message covering the 3 comings of Christ with candles burning. It just felt great as service ended we were given gifts and returned home after dropping Pastor Happy off in Magoye after traveling the muddy roads in the dark.


Back in the room, the power returned as we charged our batteries for the week to come.12th GradersMonze MealSweet PotatoesMonze BuildingKeyboradMonze ChoirService in the DarkMonze FolksKevin, Christopher and WifeSchoolCows in the Road


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