Lusaka Preaching

The day after Youth Day I went to prayer with Pastor Day. We then had breakfast at the church with his staff. After a good breakfast Pastor Day began to rehearse yesterday’s events with the men. Christopher, our cook, is in charge of outreach and equipment. BaWilly is second in command and Given is helping out while he organizes his paperwork to get into Angola. It was a beautiful lesson in discipleship. For Africa it was the excellent lesson of taking responsibility for actions, good and bad. Plenty of praise after an excellent day, with the proper examination of slip ups with an acknowledgment and a commitment to do better next time. Pastor Day rehearsed the interaction with all of the visiting churches and their pastors. Mazabuka and Pastor Tembo got special mention because when money was offered for transport, Pastor Tembo refused saying he would take care of it. This is a very unusual response in Africa, worthy of special note for the future leaders of our fellowship in Zambia.


We did a little shopping for my Zambian caps, found one at Kabwata market. It was great to be in the midst of a Zambian market again. Made the trip out to the airport to check on my luggage. Phone calls usually do not work in Zambia, the personal touch is always needed. I was right at home as I politely worked my way to the offices. Locked. A woman shows up and we start the day. She has to take care of me, open the office, and make sure over the phone that her daughter has transport from school that day. Some small talk is always necessary. This is where I have to keep that American “get the job done now” attitude in check. Handed over to one man who will take me to the area where lost luggage is stored, walking with “hallelujah’s” accompanying our journey. Handed over again to a man who seems to remember my name. Taken to the bin, I spot my luggage, now we must find our name on a hand written list. It took a while because of misspellings but we found it and once again I paraded through customs without stopping.


Revival started that night. Had a good series of meetings. I have been connecting my prayer for the sick with associations of negative activities that are fairly common. In the US I always get some people to respond with some positive results. I found no one would voluntarily come forward admitting that their sickness might be connected to the negative activity I described. These associations are very common: worry, stress and depression for one message on faith, so to respond would mean that your faith is not what it should be, back and body pain associated with rebellion and stubbornness, (that’s what I am praying against as I lay typing this) stomach and digestive problems associated with gossip and evil speaking. No takers all week. Lesson learned.


Lusaka is an unusual church in that God has blessed the church with good finances. They truly have tapped into God’s economy, God “commanding His blessing” upon them. One man, Benjamin, started a small auto parts shop when he got saved. He faithfully tithed and rode the wave of more and more cars coming into Zambia expanding his business to cover all of Zambia. One of my favorite couples is George Salami and his wife. They welcomed us years ago when we first came to Zambia to visit. In my sermons I would mention certain books, all read by George, who is in charge of the Education Examinations Board of Zambia. I believed that God had something for me to say to him: “There is no retirement in the Kingdom of God”. He came up to me after church and said that the word was perfect for him at that moment of time.


During the revival I was able to take the Day’s to our two favorite restaurants in Lusaka. I remember asking Joseph in Mazabuka about his favorite restaurants in Lusaka. He was our Muslim butcher until he returned to England. The Lusaka club for steak and upstairs at LA Fastfood for Indian. We were able to take them to both restaurants for excellent meals. We were able to show them a few places we liked in Lusaka. Majoro Meats for an excellent butchery. While there I mentioned pork neck, Jeff allowed me to buy some despite his better judgment. We bought some fillet (Zambian beef is some of the tastiest in the world). It was nice to see the dried pig’s ear still there. This was being sold there because Joan brought some back from the states and asked them if they could make some for the dogs. They did and found a niche market for the product. We visited Castle supermarket that has a nice combination of European goods.


I had a great time with Pastor Day. We played Scrabble with he and his wife Maureen several nights and had a great time together. They and their children are adjusting well to the new life and he is rising to the responsibilities before him. During the revival we were greeted by several people from Mazabuka; Owana (Dr. Okello’s son), Cornelius (working on a railroad contract in Lusaka), Michael (working as a teacher) and Felix (our first convert in Mazabuka). Felix is now 18. He was with us for years until his mother died and he got taken in by an uncle in Chingola. He is now back in Mazabuka but came down to Lusaka to try out for their version of “American Idols”. I read his journal entries about the experience and was very impressed with his writing about the event. Felix blessed me when I asked about the key word in two verses about Joseph: “serve”. My Lusaka experience was wonderful but there was more to come in Mazabuka.


Before leaving for Mazabuka that Monday the 17th we had breakfast after prayer. I took this opportunity to cook the pork neck which I love and can’t find here in the states. The guys loved it and Pastor Day was to polite to do anything but eat it and say it was good. Here is a photo of Owana, Felix, Cornelius, Mr. & Mrs. Salami, Maureen and Kerri and Pastor Jeff Day and his guys at breakfast. CorneliusThe Salami'sZambia 1 08 023OwanaFelixMaureen & KerriBreakfast


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