Zambia Trip: Our Departure

The time has come to recount our recent return trip to Zambia. Joan and I left on Monday March 10 from Phoenix after an early morning start. We were leaving from two different terminals and meeting in Washington DC. Joan’s mom, Faith, would drive the car back after our departure. Joan was flying Northwest and she was able to check her luggage all the way through to Lusaka. I was leaving on United and was carrying extra luggage because of the speakers and keyboard we were bringing for the Mazabuka church. I was informed that because of fuel prices there were no missionary allowances for extra bags. When I was done checking in, I was ready to pay, but the attendant said we were finished. A welcomed small touch of grace.


I arrived in Washington to check into our South African flight, noticing Joan sitting there, already checked in. Little did I realize what she had just went through. The second leg of her flight from Detroit to Washington had been cancelled. She was able to get on another flight to another airport in Washington. She was travelling without cell phone, credit cards and I had only given her $60 in cash. She had not transferred her phone numbers to her new planner yet, she lives a busy life. A panic set in that most air travelers can relate to. Missing our rendezvous, missing the flight to South Africa, possibly missing the entire trip to Zambia. Underneath it all a gnawing thought that her husband had not taken care of her properly (that’s me).


She arrived at Reagan Airport only to realize that she didn’t have enough cash for a taxi to Dulles. She overheard another man asking about taxis to Dulles and offered to share cab fair. They shared a cab and her cash was able to stretch to meet the need. Her luggage, no way, but et least she would make the rendezvous and the flight. Traffic was light and she was able to beat me to the airport waiting lounge. Time to think about the life implications of her experience.


Eve ate the fruit but God came looking for Adam, who then blamed Even and God indirectly for his action. God’s setup is for a man to be the head of the household. All women, including Christian women, are influenced by the curse found in Gen: 3:16 that they will always desire to rule over their husbands. Husband’s failures are the open doorway for this curse to push women through. My wife dealing with all of the possible outcomes, due to my lack of foresight, in the end had to trust that God would honor her submission to me, her husband.


The insights she gained that day worked there way into her address to the women of the Mazabuka church later on in our visit.

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