Congratulations to Glen & Madge Rupchan going to Lautoka in the Fiji Islands. This is a little after the fact but it was a wonderful event to watch unfold. I had met Glen & Madge in the Northwest where they were pastoring in Canada. They took a big step and went to Vologda Russia where they had favor and established a powerful church. Joan and I were privileged to come and preach for them in 1996. We preached in Vologda and in Sokol. We showed up and preached their first mini conference in which they sent out Yivginny and his wife Sheri-lynn (the daughter of the Rupchans) to Rybinsk. It was one of the more wonderful times of my life.


In Sokol I preached for Sergai who is now the leader of the Russian churches. I followed up with a visit a couple of years later. I preached a how to make money sermon, that when I came back 2 years later I could see that many of them had taken it to heart as communism was replaced with a free market system. This isn’t the post to remember back to all of those experiences.


I was surprised to see Glen and he said he called Pastor Mitchell up 2 weeks before conference and wanted to get things right. Pastor Mitchell brought him to conference. I invited him over to the house for some lunch. Dean and Charlene from Chilliwak came over as well as Sergai and his wife Anya. He laid out what was happening. I was overjoyed when he was announced that Thursday of conference. Sergai gave me a little update from my Sokol preaching. Andre, who was in the Sokal church is now in Viet Nam. Sergai then described a drunk who kept coming to my revival but never got saved till after I left – he is pastoring in Mongolia. Who knows what God can do? Out of Sokol a dirty little industrial town of Russia.Mar 4 08 008

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