Hero of the Day

Working with Tom Cunningham we completed our web page for the Tembo film. The address is: www.jamestembo.com It took a while, but this was part of my pledge to the folks in Zambia who worked on the film. Please feel free to pass the web page around.


Coming home as an evangelist is always a lot of fun. On my return from Canada I found my wife slightly distraught. Her mom is visiting us which adds some different dimensions to life. One of those dimensions was my wife losing her keys. Losing her keys wouldn’t have been so bad except losing things was a part of her life growing up. She looked upon it as something she inherited and she has done her best to not let that be a constant part of her life. Our daughters were taught to always know where their personal hairbrushes were, something they always did. In Joan’s house growing up with 9 brothers and sisters missing personal items was a way of life. So losing something as important as her keys while her mother was here was difficult.


I got home late Monday, so I tried to get her to retrace her steps, remember when she last saw them and the normal detective questions. I took care of business of life that had accumulated while I was gone and let her know that as soon as I got things together I would put on my James Tembo overcoat and try and find the keys. So that Tuesday while she was working on her school I began to search the house. She had already visited all of the stores and places that she thought she might have left them and had come up empty. So I began the search. All along I had been looking in drawers and on table tops hoping to spot them, but now it was time to do a thorough search. I started in our bedroom. Keys on bedside tables: no. On the desk: no. On the bed: no. On the chief’s bed at the foot of the bed: no. Under the bed: no. In between the chief’s bed and our bed there was a small pan for soaking feet. I kicked it. I heard a jingle. I had found the keys within 5 minutes of my search. I placed the keys around her neck like a necklace. Was I a hero or what? Nice to be appreciated.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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One Response to Hero of the Day

  1. chibwe says:

    Dad! The website is fabulous!! I want to see some pictures of you and more of the making!!! Just an overeager idea! I have spread the word so I hope you get some sales here soon! Love you! Good job!

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