Wickenburg Preaching

I just finished a revival in Wickenburg. There is always something special in those visits. I carry a greater weight of responsibility when I preach there because these are the people that ministered to me when I first got saved and have invested in mine and Joan’s lives countless times over the years. Joan was able to join me there for two days after settling Audra into school at Las Vegas. I have been thinking and praying about the revival for a while. The last time I preached was in Guatemala. I knew God wanted to accomplish some things but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I remembered a prophecy given to the church when I was a young convert about the need to repent or lose their candlestick. I ended up preaching around that theme for one of the sermons.


I was also able to put down on paper a sermon idea about the images we allow ourselves to see on TV, movies and our computer screens. This may sound easy, but it actually is a difficult subject to broach. I felt like the sermon was perfect for the church. I finished with an older sermon about dignity and felt like the revival left the saints refreshed.


Mr. Perkins came up to me after the one sermon in which I had touched on internet porn with a revelation. He said the first use of computers was when Aaron told Moses that “he was just googling around and out popped the golden calf”. Very apropos.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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