Pastor Mitchell

Our conference officially started tonight. Pastor Wayman Mitchell preached from Gal 4:4-5. The idea being that Jesus came at the perfect time as indicated by the phrase “the fullness of time”. He recounts a recent trip to Greece in capturing the sweeping of history. Jesus came at a historic moment after 400 years of silence from the times of Malachi. The idea is “providence”. God is at work behind the scenes. Jn 5:17 Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. We see providence working in the contest between Mordicai and Haman in the Book of Esther. God working towards an appointed time. Phil 2:13 God who works in you. 1 Cor 2:7-8 the hidden wisdom of God ordained before the ages, that if the rulers of this age had known they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of glory.


The idea of fortuitous events. Pastor & Mrs. Mitchell invited some folks over to there house in 1958 or so and then in 1975 ran into them in Amsterdam and thus began our works in Holland. In 1957 they invited a man over for a dinner of chicken tough as leather. The man remembered the meal and invited them to Perth Australia in 1977 and thus our works in Australia were started. They sent the music group Eden. This is before political correctness; so the band played in all of the schools. It was a special moment in time and they just walked through the open door God gave them. In Samoa you can visit schools, in Africa it is wide open for the gospel. These are fortuitous times that we are living in.


We can facilitate events. Will it all be an accident or will be organized to take advantage of the times. Our generation has unlocked the genius of the human mind. There are social, geographical and technological events that are opening up the world to the gospel. In 1948 Pastor Mitchell owned one of the first portable radios. Things have changed. He is old enough to recognize the changes. The scale and speed of human mobility. It was a strategic moment when Jesus arrived. “All roads lead to Rome” is a tribute to the technological skills of the Romans in their day. The system of roads and colonies became a natural highway for the spreading of the gospel. The same thing is happening now.


This is a juncture of time in which God is preparing the world for the spread of the gospel. The globalization of the planet. Students from all over the world gathering together. Education facilitates the gospel. Business facilitates the gospel. The amount of resources in the hands of common people is unprecedented. One man wrote about the world that Jesus was calling us into: ethnic conflict, intruding technology, Aids, Int. drug gangs, high tech bondage, virus….We have been brought to this juncture at this time. This challenges us now. This is a defining moment and it requires a response.


Mt 23:37-38 Jerusalem did not know the time of its visitation. Mt 16:3 hypocrites cannot discern the signs of the times.   Individuals are the catalyst. Seizing the moment; something God would lay on you. Will we seize the moment? Jn 9:4 night comes when no one works. The story of the woman and the alabaster box; she seized the moment. That moment would never come again. Each of us must answer God’s calling for our lives. The power of human potential. The power of the tongue in James 3 can be turned to the positive. We are all called to set a fire in the earth. The ball is in our court. Mordecai said to Esther: who knows if you have come for a time such as this.


This matters for we are in a crucial moment in time. World is about to go through major transitions for good or bad. Islam, a demonic inspired religion wants you converted or dead. It will be impossible for anyone here to continue their life the way things have always been in the past. We will rather seize the moment or miss. Our fellowship seized a moment when God was bringing young people into church in the 70’s. Rom 13:11-12 knowing the time, time to wake up Eph redeem the time for the days are evil. Do not be unwise but understand what the will of the Lord is.


Back to ancient Greece. The ruined churches. How will history record our response? If we will respond to God the effects will multiply. The last word in acts can be translated “unhindered”. Paul was part of the unstoppable progress of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome. What God will do if we properly allocate our resources and our people. Pastor Mitchell 002Pastor Mitchell 003


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