I just finished preaching for Artie Marin in San Diego. He is just getting started. One element of the revival was the support he received from the surrounding churches. It reminded me of my pioneer experience in Seattle, which is where I am now preaching for Tony Uriarte. This is definitely a bit of old home week. I am even enjoying the overcast weather.


Tony and I had an interesting encounter at Half-Price Books. I was buying some used books. One of the titles was “Tricks Our Minds Play on Us”. The clerk was ringing it up and began to talk about the title. He mentioned how are minds can get messed up especially by fear. I then said “Fear has torment” to him. He paused and then strongly agreed how true that statement was. I asked him if he knew from what book that statement came. No. I answered “the bible”.


It was like a flash of light catching the deer in the middle of the road. He mumbled, hesitated and lost track of the transaction. His mind seemed to stop functioning. Finally, he was able to get back on track and was able to put the books in a bag and hand them to me, with a comment about how some fear is good for you.


Tony and I talked about this spiritual transaction over lunch. I am sure if I had told the man that the quote came from a classic or the Koran nothing would have came from it. There is something about the bible and Jesus that is very different in making conversation. Americans are experts at recognizing and avoiding biblical conversations. That was what I enjoyed most about Zambia. Everyone, black and white were willing and even desiring to hear my thoughts about Christian, pastoral thoughts, insights and experiences. It was the difference in the soil.


I believe that if people were given a fair chance to consider the weight of the evidence presented in the bible about life, judgment and salvation they would respond appropriately. Demonic forces will never give people a fair chance. The one hook the devil has is personal sin. John 3:19 “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”  We need to be knocking on the doors of hearts at the same time that Jesus is knocking. As the bible says: “Keep knocking”.


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