Kingman and home

I am back in Prescott after a good revival in Kingman. Darrel, one of Chuck’s guys gave me a Marine Corp bible in honor of my father’s service. I was very pleased. Pastor Chuck Haynes and family are adjusting to life in Kingman after living in the Midwest for all of their lives. Chuck and I took a drive down Indian Hwy 6 out of Peach Springs to the bottom of Grand Canyon. I believe it is the only road that goes all the way down to the Colorado.


Here in Prescott we invited the church coffee roasters, Steve Garfield and Al Hermann, over for a coffee tasting Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun as we tasted their different roasts and different beans. We had an espresso made from Colin Street’s Mazabuka “Zambia Terranova Estate”. Colin was one of my golfing buddies in Mazabuka. He always dreamed of getting his coffee in Starbucks. Zambian coffee is high quality that is used to bring up the quality of blends but is not a large enough crop to warrant its own packaging and name. Colin, because of his school, clinic, and game park along with an exceptionally good year was able to get his coffee highlighted in all of the Starbucks this last January as their “Black Apron” choice.


The Sunday service had some excitement as one of the older saints had a feigning spell as Sunday school ended. She recovered amidst the excitement of the moment. Mrs. Mitchell came over and put her arm around her giving her some comfort. You have to remember that despite over 1500 churches springing out of this Prescott church, underneath it all it is just some regular folks loving God. Well there somewhat regular. After church we were invited over to Woody and Joan Carter’s for dinner. Woody is a United Airline pilot who has many different interests. He, his son and his daughter treated us to musical rendition of Scottish ballads. Michelle was on the harp, Woody Jr. on the violin and Woody alternating between flutes and a bagpipe.


I am looking forward to the week home. I have several projects that I need to finish this week including my part of the James Tembo web site. The pictures are from our trip to the Colorado.



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