Terrifying Film

I started reading “World Chaos” “Its Root and Remedy” “An Inquiry into the Deeper Reasons and urgent Lessons” by G. H. Lang. I happened upon this book published in 1948. It discusses history and philosophy in the light of what just happened with Hitler and Germany. Once, I started I realized it was not just a small bite size theme. So I haven’t given myself to it yet. This post is to refer to this film by Alfred Hitchcock, a documentary on the killing camps of Germany. Warning: it is very graphic. I think God is lining me out for something. I was thinking about Pastor’s Mitchell’ guide wanting to come to America for peace and wondering if he could come to a land that could repeat Germany’s errors in relation to the Jews? Just wondering.


In the conclusion Lang writes: “An old man of seventy-three years now lays down his pen. Over many years I have written much on many subjects, but little on Affairs public. Perhaps in this I have failed in my duty as a teacher of the Word of God. I am not an expert upon public matters…in these pages the reader is offered some results of the observation and reflection of almost sixty years of this transit through time into eternity which we call life, but which all the journey through partakes painfully of the character of its end—death.”


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