Who is the boss?

Joan is taking a British Literature class and is reading Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”. We came across an interesting twist in one of the stories. The wife of several men shared her story about a knight of the round table who raped a maiden and Queen Guinevere told him to travel and find out what women really want before being sentenced. An old woman tells him the answer. Women want to be the boss over men (“sovereignty over husband and lover”). When he returns to the court with his answer all of the women of the court agree that he truly has found out what women want.


Chaucer probably got this thought through observation but I imagine he was also familiar with the biblical base of the statement. We find it in Gen. 3:16: “…Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you." NKJV


I first heard James Dobson in one of his early film series take this passage on. Although most men would like to believe that it is talking about a wife sexually desiring her husband, what it really is referring to is the issue of who is in charge. The curse from the garden which Chaucer alludes to is that women will always want to be the boss over their husbands but “he shall rule over you”. It seems in subsequent film series Dobson hasn’t been as adamant about this point.


That specific Hebrew word translated “desire” is also used in the passage about Cain and Able. God admonishes Cain to do what is right but then warns him that if he does wrong: Gen 4:7 And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it." NKJV


We see the same tensions of who should rule over whom. Wife wants to rule but man will. Sin desires to rule but we should rule over it.


This brings us to Hillary Clinton. Who is the boss in the Clinton marriage? I was struck with Mrs. Clinton’s response when she was informed that her statement about torture did not match her husband’s. Basically, her response was that she would straighten him out when she got home.


President Clinton traded leadership in his marriage for his extra-marital affairs. This opened the floodgates of the curse from the garden working in Mrs. Clinton’s life. The culmination for her is the total reversal of roles as she enters the White House.


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