Powerful Rituals

 I am preaching for Jack Gaeta in Springfield, OR. Yesterday, we had a Labor Day picnic with his church and his 3 baby churches. The picnic included the baptism of some new converts. These 3 pastors were all out of an excellent band that played here in the Northwest when we were in Seattle. Last night most of those people stayed on after the picnic and we had a great night of revival. I think of how Joan and I represent the Wickenburg church and I know these three young men take serious their representation of God and their mother church.
Jack and his son Arron were gracious to allow me to partake in one of the most incredible rituals in America. It is not as well practised in our modern times, but it is still one of the most powerful rituals that a young man can go through as he becomes a man. I am sure the pictures give it away, but Arron has been working part time while in High School and saved enough money to buy the exact vehicle he wanted for the price he could afford. I think God is helping him along. The photos are at the shop to have it checked out, the bank and Arron in his vehicle.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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One Response to Powerful Rituals

  1. Ken and Teresa says:

    Hi Pastor Hansston,
    We appreciate your willingness to let God use you. You have a good personality which makes your preaching awesome. Thanks again from Pastor Gaeta\’s church  

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