Accidental Road Trip

I left Prescott Valley Saturday for Palmdale going past my turn on Hwy 89. I had just started mentally and prayfully rehearsing my present circumstances before God. So I just continued onto Williamson Valley Rd which I thought would angle back North on 89. The road kept going past some nice houses and eventually some nice ranches and then turned into a dirt road with a warning and a mileage marker of 45 mile to Seligman.


Never have been one to backtrack I continued on through the National forest and the ranches that share the space. I only saw a couple of pickups and some hunters in jeeps along the road. The monsoons had left a beautiful green covering upon all of the landscape. I think I passed the beginning of the Verde river, although I am not sure, (see picture) and am looking forward to taking a short camping trip into the area in the future.


Having arrived in Palmdale around 5:30 I went down to the park for the church outreach. I was surprised to see lots of people in the park. The rapper had about 30 kids sitting in chairs listening to his songs. The next morning we had about 10 visitors with 5 responding to the altar call. After service I had a young man come up to me saying: “So this is Kevin Hansston”. I thought some terrible event from my past might be coming to haunt me, with nerves of steel I waited. It turns out that Anthony had been asked years ago to pray for a missionary and he had chosen our family. He had faithfully prayed for us for a whole year. He mentioned an email and my response and I do remember responding to his email. When I mentioned this to Joan she said she remembered the email and mentioned how little we know about the power of prayer in all of our circumstances. She mentioned that sometimes she prays for Sandra Bullock.  

About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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1 Response to Accidental Road Trip

  1. chibwe says:

    I remember that email! cool stuff dad! 

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