Green Bay Ideas

I am back home after a great revival in Green Bay with Pastor Roger and Linda Fisher. Of course the really big news of the week was the opening of Packer practice. I finished the revival praying for a young man named Frank in the church. I had been praying about him during the week and spoke to him about falling in love with the word and even went further with a specific suggestion for him.


One of the more gratifying experiences in Zambia was a Sunday school series based upon the suggested topics of the congregation. In one week we had 70 topics so I quickly closed the listing. I then slogged through 70 weeks. They were great bible studies. Needless, to say the leading beneficiary was me as I did the studies each week. We ended by turning it into an outreach program in which we published the 70 topics on a hard piece of paper and then folks could ask people what subject they would like to know about and then do the study with them. Each Sunday morning I would be writing down the topics and the number of copies that each person would need and spent my afternoon making copies. We eventually published them in a handbook for all of the church members.


With this in mind my suggestion to Frank was to ask people he worked with and anyone else he knew to give him suggestions of topics that they would like to know what the bible says about the given topic. It turns out that Frank loves digging into topical discoveries so it could be a perfect tool for him. We will see what happens.


This last trip was my returning to the realities that await me with pioneering in the future. I went on two outreaches. As I thought and prayed about Frank I began to run with the idea myself. You could post flyers and people could email you topics and you could respond via email and include church activities with the email. You just have to run with ideas, just no sense walking given the times we are living in. 

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