Chinese Thoughts

I finished reading the book “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck on this trip. It was an enjoyable book to read. I came away after reading the book with two thoughts that I couldn’t shake. One was the idea of an added diligence to my own life as exemplified by the farmer Wang Lung. I try to include the use of the Hebrew definition of diligence, “a ditch already dug”, somewhere in my revivals. So I am incorporating extra effort into making my time count towards goals accomplished each day. The second idea was a picture of my wife exemplifying the Christian woman combining the qualities of O-lan and Lotus to be my better half.


Here is an interesting review of a book Will the Boat Sink the Water? The Life of China’s Peasants published in 2006 and quickly banned. I will try and get a copy myself it sounds interesting.  


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One Response to Chinese Thoughts

  1. Audra says:

    hm, sounds unreal. I wonder how much of it the Mammons saw. Love ya lots, can\’t wait for you to get home.

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