I am in Green Bay preaching for Roger Fisher. Roger had preached for us in Zambia and he made quite the impression on my wife and daughters. I am actually staying in his daughter Megan’s house. She just purchased it, furnished it, but hasn’t moved in yet. What a luxury for a traveling evangelist.


I had just preached for Perry Dominguez in Chicago. Perry had started a church in Puerto Rico and Sakhalin Island off the East Coast of Russia. He also had pastored the Rybinsk church in Russia. He, his wife Josey and son Aaron all speak Spanish and Russian as well as English. They even have a Russian convert from Sakhalin who was able to legally enter the US and is now in Chicago.


The group of people that Perry has are just on the edge of becoming a church. There is something a pioneer pastor is trying to establish that transcends the idea of just getting people to attend services. That common identity and commitment does not just happen as many a struggling pioneer has realized. We started the week with doubts but by the end of the week things were looking and feeling great.


He had scheduled the revival through Wed. so we decided to show the “James Tembo” movie Thursday night. I spent the day at the church handwriting 250 flyers inviting folks to the movie that night. I had a personal outreach that day. It has been a long time since I had personally handed out flyers to an event. I kept comparing this to my future should I pioneer again in the future. I went down Devon street a short distance from the church. Devon street holds a Jewish section, Russian, Muslim and Indian with all of the accompanying shops. It reminded me of sections of Lusaka. I found myself pining away in the church awaiting the start of the movie hoping to see someone come through my outreach. Although we had our biggest crowd at the church that night we didn’t get any visitors from my outreach efforts. I am hoping this is not some foreshadowing for my future pioneering experience.


Watching a church watch my pride and joy movie was quite the experience. I especially focused in on the pastor’s son and the other young men of the church. They seemed to be riveted on the movie making it easy afterwards to talk about the young people in the film and our need to plan and accomplish tasks as individuals and as groups. It was a great time of fellowship (food) and ministry.  


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  1. chibwe says:

    Sounds like you\’re in your element! Your awesome dad! And dont worry about your personal outreach! Doesn\’t mean the seed wasn\’t planted!!!! 🙂 Love you! 

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