Road Trips?


I have always enjoyed road trips. I usually have been able to squeeze them in between church services. Thinking about road trips, my daughter’s comment about the Rio Grande and a Pastor Mitchell Sunday school, I came up with this idea that has been floating around in my mind in different forms for years. Pastor Mitchell stated that a human being needs: love, recognition, accomplishments and adventure. I remember a men’s discipleship years ago in which a young man complained that his Christianity was turning him into a responsible man tied down with life and church without any of the adventures that many of his non-Christian friends were having. I am not talking about drinking, drugs and immorality, but I am talking about the adventure of a youth traveling unknown roads.


Could a youth or a group of youths travel America and the world and maintain their Christian commitment? I think the answer is yes. I wonder if our pastors and their churches would be willing to accommodate such traveling youths. So as you already realize that is the idea: Our church youths traveling using our churches as safe havens.  You could even have target destinations for rallies, outreaches and concerts. I know it’s a little out of the box, but sometimes thinking and acting out of the box is just what we need to bring freshness to our Christian walks.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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2 Responses to Road Trips?

  1. Laura Hansston says:

    Whoohoo!!! Yes Daddy! That is a FANTASTIC idea. I think it is already happening on a certain level, but to make a concerted effort in this endeavor would be really healthy! Miss you guys!

  2. chibwe says:

    YAY!!! To be honest I feel that way a lot, tied down by church and all that stuff! I have to fight the feelings that I can\’t go on random roadtrips because I have church commitments. What brougt back the memory of the dude saying that?

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