The Rio Grande?

Was driving up to Santa Fe New Mexico from Albuquerque and I was noticing the green to my left. When I got to Santa Fe I checked my map to see the name of the river. I was surprised to see that it was the Rio Grande moving south through Albuquerque, Las Cruses and El Paso on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. I was acutally preaching in Espanola where I crossed the river to get to the church. I had a great time preaching in the church for Pastor Ben Gomez and his wife Hazel. One of many highlights were my conversations with a man named Steve. Steve is a member of the Jamez Pueblo. He was in line to move along the medicine man path when he began to get frustrated with some of the realities of life as a manipulating medicine man. This led to a series of unfortunate events that led him to Christ and is now serving God there in the church. I thought about my interactions with witch doctors in Zambia and the Greek word for witchcraft in the bible "pharmakia" and all of the manipulation involved when people use a spiritual covering to get what they want. God’s warning to us pastors and disciples to not use the word of God deceitfully.
I toured downtown Santa Fe and Los Alamos where the atomic bomb was put together. I had taken a leisurely drive to Santa Fe going up the Oak Creek canyon. On the way back after stopping for breakfast with John Robinson in Gallup I went south to the Mogollin Rim to Payson and then Northwest to Verde Junction and then a dirt road over the mountains through Cherry back to Prescott Valley. I still enjoy a good road trip.

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  1. chibwe says:

    Daddy!!! I\’m jealous!!! sounds like fun!

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