Graduations and Revivals

I started reading “The Three Musketeers” while I was in Virginia Beach ($1.00 from the local library). I then proceeded to Alexandria to preach for Rocky Calona. I had a good time. My book of choice matched Rocky’s young church. He had 3 committed men and he took on the role of d’Artagnan. The revival finished Thursday night and I was picked up Friday morning by Laura Michelle, Audra and Brooke whom she had just picked up at the airport. We were all rendezvousing for Laura Michelle’s graduation from Saint Mary’s College of Maryland. We had a charming breakfast at the chocolate bakery in old town Alexandria. Then off to Southern Maryland.


The graduation went smoothly. We were joined by Joan, her mother Faith and her sister Melanie. Pastor Robinson and his wife Dianne from Wickenburg paid us the ultimate compliment by joining us for the graduation. On the day of the graduation we were joined by Joan’s sister Mary, her husband John and their daughter Karen. We packed and cleaned Laura Michelle’s room and had a meal together and then got ready for our hectic exit strategies. We drove Brooke to the airport early Sunday morning. We parked in down town Annapolis and fell asleep waiting for things to open. When we wonderfully woke up (Laura Michelle, Audra and I) we walked downtown after a morning coffee and then toured the Naval Academy where Justin attends school. The next morning Laura Michelle dropped us off early again for our return to Arizona while she continued onto a campus Christian get together.


While home we did the flower pots and attended Audra’s graduation from High School. This was quite an achievement after everything she has went through. The school was very gracious in helping her and she was able to complete all of the tasks in order to graduate. Once again we were blessed by Pastor Robinson and Dianne. We followed up the graduation with our first official barbeque at our home. Rib eye steaks seemed to have fit the bill. In Zambia we had fillets for a fraction of the cost, but I was not complaining.


I preached for Terry Wakefield in Austin. His church is the picture of what most pastors in our fellowship would love to emulate. I asked him what he attributed to his ability to get the job done in such an efficient way. He talked about his job as a service route salesman. He dressed properly, he kept his truck clean, and he always did what he said. Good advise for anyone.


I am now preaching for Ed Kidwell in Denver. Onward and upward.




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