Turkish thoughts

Here is a link to an interesting article about the current situation in Turkey. What I noticed in the article and it seems to be a recurring theme is that writers tend to associate pornography and homosexuality as hallmarks of our Western society. Therefore, when these things are seen in Muslim society it becomes an indicator of their advancement in our eyes only. For many of us here these social indicators are signposts to the road to ruin. Needless, to say these social indicators in Muslim eyes represent everything they are trying to protect their societies from.


In the clash of civilizations I think it is a sad day when the best we have to offer is pornography and homosexuality. No wonder they reject what we seem to be offering and will work here in this country to establish laws that would not only prohibit these activities but make them illegal.


Watching events in the Middle East I am hoping for open doors for the gospel. I have spent time talking with Muslims and they are shocked at some of our shared moral values. Yet, only the message of Christ and Christ crucified is going to be able to compete in their hearts. This is why the message is illegal in most Muslim countries. As we move towards one world government, one world economy and one world religion there will be a weakening of all religions of the world as they gravitate to the one world religion of the anti-Christ.


Just as the acceptance of pornography and homosexuality weaken the Christian church it will have the same effect in Muslim society. Hopefully as the doors open the gospel can be preached. Our message will need to be distinct from the message of current American culture.

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