Listening Children


I am now in Virginia Beach preaching for Kevin Babcock. I enjoyed my time with Eric Strutz in Colton CA. A small highlight of the meeting in Colton was my interaction with the young people in the church. While preaching I said that we all know some scriptures that we could share with someone else. I challenged one young girl about whether she knew any scriptures. This dramatic challenge in the middle of a sermon left her speechless. I asked who her father was. She pointed to her father (the big man on the basketball court) as I continued preaching enjoying the moment.


The next night before church I had five young people come up to me before church to recite memory verses to me. Each encounter was like one of those stockbroker commercials where everything stops as everyone listens to the young person exhibits their knowledge of scripture. The big man’s daughter was one of these who came up to me. This started as I walked to the building and finished after service when one proud father approached me with his son who must have been all of 3 or 4 to recite his memory verse to me. Talk about being blessed with results from a revival meeting, count me blessed.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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