Here is a story about heroism in the midst of our latest national tragedy.


And Yet There Are Heroes

It’s important to see heroism in tragedy, too.  A 77-year old Aeronautical Engineering professor who survived the Holocaust in Romania moves to Israel and comes to America on sabbatical.  He decides to stay here.  He adopts this country as his own, and helps save America by saving Americans–by putting himself between the gunman and his students.  He survived Hitler and died in Blacksburg, but he died a hero.

Israeli professor of Romanian origin Liviu Librescu numbers among those killed in the Virginia Tech University massacre on Monday. According to the International Herald Tribune, Librescu sacrificed his life to save his students. He had blocked the access to the his class so that students can run from the attacker.

Librescu, 77, was teaching at the Virginia Tech University for 20 years.

Israeli media also announce the death of Liviu Librescu. The online edition of the Jerusalem Post reports that he was shot to death, while ynetnews.com writes that he was killed during his attempt to block the access to the class.

Alec Calhoun, a student who witnessed his death, told the Associated Press that he saw his teacher blocking the door to the class while some of her colleagues were hiding, while others were jumping out of the window.

The professor had been driven to school by his wife less than an hour before he was shot.

Read a little bit more: http://www.claremont.org/blogs/blogid.5193/blog_detail.asp




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