I came back from Uganda and joined up with Joan and Audra in Phoenix. Audra had a week of cyber knife x-ray treatments that lasted about 4 hours each day for a total of 5 treatments. Cyber knife is an x-ray machine on a robotic arm that is able to concentrate low doses of radiation on the exact location of the area affected by the tumor. Although her bone tumor was not cancerous it can still return. The rate of return is around 40% without radiation and 20% with radiation. There is also a slight chance that the radiation itself can create cancerous cells. Cyber knife with its ability to target the spot should even lower the possibility of the tumor returning more than standard radiation treatments.


Audra handled the week great. When I showed up we went out to a new chain that specializes as a 50’s hamburger joint. It wasn’t much fun eating in front of a daughter who just wanted to puke. Eating was not a highlight of the week, although Audra and I did have one nice breakfast together while Joan returned to school for the day. In her weakened and nauseous state she managed all of the treatments except one, which she returned the following Monday with her sister Brooke and Joan to finish.


That Friday we picked up Brooke from the airport for her spring break. We were having dinner with the Cunninghams at a pizza place that was advertised in Bon Apetite. Audra did great through the night, but was really needing to get out of there as the night wore on. She returned with a quick jog to the bathroom to loudly lose everything in her stomach. For the restaurant’s sake we were all glad she could hold out.


We left Phoenix and headed for Wickenburg where Raymond Rivera officially asked permission to date Brooke. We did this at Anita’s restaurant. When I said OK Raymond reached across the table to shake my hand knocking over a glass of water that spilled on Joan. One of our literary words came to all of our lips “foreshadowing”. No, I think everything will be fine. We have known Raymond since he was born and his parents are great folks.



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