Audra’s Home

We are happy to report that we brought Audra Lea home from the hospital on Wednesday. She had spent 22 days in the hospital. She had 3 major operations, countless scans and x-rays, enough iv’s and pin pricks to make her stubborn veins call out “no mas, no mas,” and a week of rehab with each day bringing her more hope. The final hurdle to her release was a spot on the lung that was collapsed for one of the operation. The doctor was sure the lesion was a result of the operation but he needed to see her pre-op x-rays to make sure. I was asked to be the courier to get the job done that Wed. so she could be released. It was great to be part of the process as I picked up the cd’s from St Josephs and delivered them to the offices of the releasing doctor.


Coming home that Wednesday was very comforting. She made the drive home with minimal pain. I went to church that night as Joan stayed with Audra just in case she were to fall. While in prayer I realized how little time I had been able to devote to prayer. What I mean is that over the last 3 weeks my life seemed to be filled with prayer thoughts as I walked the corridors, and rode the elevators of the hospitals. I realized how much (as I recently have heard from others) we were being carried and supported by others who were praying for us. Thanks again as we look to Audra’s continued healing and recovery.


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2 Responses to Audra’s Home

  1. Gwen says:

    I\’m soooo glad to hear that she is home. We were praying for her even all the way over here in North Carolina. I\’m sure God will restore her back to her normal Audra self again. She seems to be very strong-willed and will pull through! Miss you guys and I will still continute to pray!

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