We just finished our January Bible Conference here in Prescott. Couples were sent into Manilla, Athens, Lusaka and Gigali, Rwanda. The story that goes with Rwanda is exciting. Don Shultz had started a work in Rwanda a few years back. He had used the license of a local church official to get into the country and get started. He had revival and even built a building. The local church person began to desire to get a little more money for his trouble. This is a common third world action. Using his political connections he was able to orchestrate the ceasing of services while his claims that the church was built for him were investigated. This led to Don and his wife being deported.


Before leaving Rwanda he had 10 minutes to talk to a government official in a restaurant. He honestly relayed his story and the government official told him he wouldn’t lose his building. He still needed to leave and reapply under the Potter’s House and re-enter the country. Most of us did not know that this process was happening. Our sense of defeat was turned into a victory.


One underlying theme of the conference is that the King is in the hand of God. The idea of international, national and local favor is something His children can expect. It is a joy to experience God’s involvement in our lives and in our ministries. Nehemiah is the easiest example of this in the bible. What can we expect from God in our lives as we look for Him to open doors? Expectations or bitterness, how to you see your future?

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