I had a great time preaching in Phoenix for Jim Radersdorf. I interviewed a several people during the revival. There are two photos below of Adan Moraga age 15 and Jason Resendez age 31. Adan was one of several young people coming home from school. All of these young people communicated in broken English. I was amazed that all of them had recently heard the gospel message and were attending different churches in the area. One young man named Marvin Garcia age15, had actually been invited to church by missionaries from Mexico outreaching in Phoenix. Marvin’s desires in life centered around cars, especially a Corvette. It took me a few times to figure the Corvette out. Adan, the young man in the photo had the best English. He communicated that life was OK and he was looking forward to working so that he could get a car, money and a house.


It was my interview with Jason Resendez (sitting in the photo) that reminded me of the life and death struggle with drugs that many people are dealing with. Jason was sitting by the church waiting to go a job interview. He had recently come back to Phoenix from Denver. He left Phoenix a couple of years ago to be a part of the drug rehabilitation program of Victory Chapel in Denver. He managed to stay clean and took on different responsibilities with the ministry. He married and had a child. His comment was it was probably not a good choice since she was a recovering addict also. She had warned him that if he ever used again she would leave him. He used and she left. He felt alone and alienated from the ministry that still wanted to help him so he came back to Phoenix where he has family.


He is a very well spoken man. He was very familiar with scripture and the different illustrations that we pastors use to help someone break demonic strongholds in their lives. He began to diagnose why he returned to the drugs. A very familiar pattern was described of listening to the old music associated with his drugs, visiting some old friends, having just one beer and eventually moving back to using.


He wondered aloud if there was something wrong with years of church centered around the constant reminder of his problem with drugs. Is the answer being part of a regular church with people living more normal lives? When it was all said and done he knew the answer. The answer was not in the program it was in the relationship. He asked that people would pray for him to move forward and stop backsliding and to really choose Him.


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