Election Night

I am following the election results through several of my favorite blogs. As of right now at 9:30 pm Pacific time it looks like the Republicans will hold onto the Senate and the house looks very, very close. Probably have to wait until the morning. I was really pulling for Michael Steele in Maryland. Once again it is very close with Cardin being announced the winner with 1% of the vote counted. We will know for sure in the morning.


The problem with following American politics and wanting good men and women to get elected is that there is a prophetic outcome that doesn’t jive with my Christian-conservative values. The country does seem to be split right down the middle and one of the factors of that split is Christianity. As much as I have enjoyed Bush’s presidency I am aware of the glacial movement towards one world government, one world economic system and one world religion that was given a big push forward with 9-11.


When it is all said and done I am sure that Kingdom theology is not the ultimate winner but a system that welcomes the anti-Christ. Obviously we see the spirit of anti-Christ working now. This knowledge always acts as a governor on my excitement level in politics. The real challenge for me is to impact people with the gospel message. The ups and downs of politics pale when compared to the importance and dignity that goes with the preaching of the gospel.


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2 Responses to Election Night

  1. Justin says:

    Ya, quite the election huh? I can\’t believe the Democrats swept the house AND the senate!! I was really pulling for Michael Steele too and was sad to see him lose. I have the same struggle when it comes to politics. I often wonder: "Do I really want to get involved in politics when the Bible points to it not working out in the end?" The thing that always brings me back is that I might as well delay the inevitable as long as possible and make life better for those who are here now. Everyone says the rapture is right around the corner, but they have been saying that for years! Hope you are still enjoying the evangelist\’s life.
    All the best,

  2. Douglas says:

    Yo when you coming to the North West?

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